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Sculptures are designed pieces, Artistic creations or interruptions which can be made of different materials such as stone, marble, metal, glass, wood, resin even object of day to day living. In fact a sculpture can be made of any material that can be sculptured or shaped to produce the desired affect of the overall artwork.  The work or skill that is used can vary from all forms like welding, carving, moldings & forming, but the most important skill is the vision of the creator. Many different types of Sculptures have been used over the years mostly in religious art form like Buddha’s & Gods, but the art of sculptures has developed over time, with the diversity of materials and artist seeking more impressionable forms, Sculptures have reached a new level in abstract Art.


We have a large section of home accessories that can be found in Our categories on the left. We have tried to make it easy by putting them into groups some of the most helpfull ones are:

 Items by colour

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The Items by price is a great tool if you are trying to find home Accessories of Gifts to a budget.

The Items by colour is also a great tool if you need an item in a particular Colour, it saves you the time because we have grouped all our home accessories & Gifts into Colour bands.



The Shipping cost for our item are charged by Weight & Postal Codes in the UK. We use Royal mail and private Curriers to keep the prices as low as possible. We offer 2nd & 1st class recorded, Next day delivery, 48 hour tack able currier.


We try were possible to use recyclable materials for our packaging. We buy recycled boxes, recycled Kraft paper & recycled tissue paper; we also re-use packaging sent to us and from local business in our area. We also shred 100% of all our waste paper and use as packaging. We do this to reduce our carbon foot print and help safe our environment. Are Moto is to waste nothing!